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See what resources are available on campus and throughout the UC system.

Interested in exploring the water-related research, classes and opportunities at UC Berkeley? Check out the UC Berkeley Water Portal  –The Water Sustainability Research and Opportunities Portal will allow you to easily find interesting courses about water from different departments, to locate faculty members with a water sustainability focus to their research, and to discover opportunities for funding or professional training.


We hope this portal will help you pinpoint potential collaborations, fill gaps in coursework and research, and overall strengthen and develop opportunities in the field of water sustainability at UC Berkeley.


This project was spearheaded by the Berkeley Water Center and made possible by the generous support of the Green Initiative Fund.

Berkeley Water Center Resources for Students


  • BWC door access
  • O’Brien building access
  • Schedule the conference room
  • Schedule a Zoom meeting
  • Check out equipment (camera, slide projector, easel, poster tubes, etc.)
  • Desk assignments
  • Access to the printer
  • Update or put profile on page
  • News/awards to share
  • Press release assistance


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Berkeley Water Group


The Berkeley Water Group was formed with the goal of providing a forum in which Berkeley students from different departments can meet, collaborate and discuss the interdisciplinary topics of water, sanitation and hygiene.


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Water at UC Berkeley


The Berkeley Water Center is an inter-disciplinary gathering of over 70 academic faculty, researchers, post docs and graduate students across several departments at UC Berkeley and the Berkeley National Laboratory pursuing studies in water and promoting water-related research.


Check out who we work with:

Water Resources at UCB Library


Looking for water resource from the UC Berkeley Library? Research materials on water are located in many libraries on campus, and in digital collections. Search library resources for books, ebooks, articles, proceedings, patents, properties, and news. Current UCB faculty, students, staff and patrons in the library have access to licensed resources.

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California’s Academic Water Programs
University of California
California State University
Other California Academic Water Programs