About Us
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About the Berkeley Water Center


The Berkeley Water Center seeks to create more resilient, equitable, and sustainable water systems with access to safe water for all. We leverage Berkeley research to accelerate groundbreaking solutions for the world’s water problems.


The Berkeley Water Center is supported by UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering. Its affiliates work across the University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and have a broad range of research interests and expertise, spanning engineered infrastructure and technology development; planning, monitoring and understanding of natural and engineered water systems; understanding of social, institutional and political contexts of water systems; equitable access to water; water law and policy; economics of urban and agricultural water systems; and public health.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Berkeley Water Center expects all its students, postdocs and faculty affiliates to actively create a vibrant multi-cultural community of water researchers by:

  • valuing and honoring cultural, personal and scientific differences
    interacting with respect, kindness, and good intentions
  • developing a “pay it forward” mindset to create an environment that is generative and supportive
  • giving credit and acknowledgment of others’ work and contributions
  • “stepping back” to listen if our voices are more dominant, and “stepping up” to speak if our voices are less prominent
  • practicing humility, curiosity, and accountability
  • engaging in self-reflection to evaluate the broader social and equity implications of our research and professional relationships
  • standing up as allies and advocates when we witness injustice
  • recognizing our own personal and professional biases and developing effective ways to counteract them
  • acknowledging the existing systemic inequities in STEM fields, water professions and academia more broadly, and taking action to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community

We cultivate, facilitate and support a broad range of interdisciplinary research projects to address local and global water challenges. We convene diverse teams to understand current issues and collaboratively innovate to prevent future water crises.


We foster partnerships, build connections and facilitate collaboration among academia, policy-makers, and practitioners to enable research-driven solutions to emergent water challenges.


We translate research results for a wide audience of policy-makers, practitioners, and the public to better inform decision-making about water system planning and development. We promote and amplify research results so that they may have a greater impact outside of academia.


We empower UC Berkeley students with opportunities, skills and a research community to develop innovative ideas and to become water leaders. We also encourage access to water-related science, technology and engineering curriculum in area schools.