NewsDeeply: Berkeley Experts to Watch
Water Deeply, a news source designed to help people understand the complex web of environmental, social and economic issues contributing to the drought crisis in California, has compiled a list of water experts to watch and Berkeley Water Center experts, affiliates and alumni are in demand.
Sanitation Reseaarch
2.4 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, nearly 1 billion people who have to defecate in the open, millions of children's futures are compromised by poor sanitation and related nutrition problems. And we're ready to change that. See BWC's sanitation research!
Glowing Crystals Can Detect, Cleanse Contaminated Drinking Water
Tiny, glowing crystals designed to detect and capture heavy-metal toxins such as lead and mercury could prove to be a powerful new tool in locating and cleaning up contaminated water sources.
Thompson, Boisramé
Thompson, Boisramé and Fire Management

PhD student Gabrielle Boisramé and Professor Sally Thompson have co-authored a study that shows that managing fire, rather than suppressing it, makes wilderness areas more resilient to fire—with the added benefit of increased water availability and resistance to drought.

Hermanowicz, Sedlak
Keynote lectures at ICSI in Shenzhen, China

CEE Professor Slav Hermanowicz and BWC Co-Director David Sedlak gave keynote lectures at the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI 2016) was held in Shenzhen from October 17-19, under the theme of “a sustainable future for China, the Asian region and the world.”

Kara Nelson
NSF Awards $3M to Dev. Engineering

The NSF has awarded $3 million to Berkeley’s Development Engineering program to create new models for training graduate students to find innovative solutions to food, energy and water challenges in developing countries. Professor Kara Nelson is a co-leader of the program.