Measuring water use in unmetered, intermittent piped water systems
Emily Kumpel, Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Isha Ray , and Kara L. Nelson estimate household water use in Hubli-Dharwad, India, with a mixed-methods approach combining (limited) metered data, storage container inventories, and structured observations.
Ken Goldberg investigates robot-assisted precision irrigation
Professor Ken Goldberg, in collaboration with UC Merced Professor Stefano Carpin and Professor Josh Viers, and UC Davis Professor Stavros Vougioukas, started a project called RAPID (Robot-Assisted Precision Irrigation Delivery) to utilize robots to reduce water usage while improving yields.
Nature's Water Filter
Researchers are searching for more cost-effective alternatives for treating wastewater. Professor David Sedlak of UC Berkeley is working on a solution: constructed wetlands with graduate students Aidan Cecchetti and Rachel Scholes.
Roger Bales
Meet the Minds: Roger Bales on Climate Adaptation and Water Security

Water will be central to how we, and the environment, adapt to climate change, says University of California professor Roger Bales, who studies climate adaptation and water security.

Hermanowicz, Sedlak
Keynote lectures at ICSI in Shenzhen, China

CEE Professor Slav Hermanowicz and BWC Co-Director David Sedlak gave keynote lectures at the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI 2016) was held in Shenzhen from October 17-19, under the theme of “a sustainable future for China, the Asian region and the world.”

Kara Nelson
NSF Awards $3M to Dev. Engineering

The NSF has awarded $3 million to Berkeley’s Development Engineering program to create new models for training graduate students to find innovative solutions to food, energy and water challenges in developing countries. Professor Kara Nelson is a co-leader of the program.