Diamonds From the Deep
Study Suggests Water May Exist in Earth’s Lower Mantle: Researchers study crystallized water trapped in diamonds that formed hundreds of miles beneath Earth’s surface
Study Finds Correlation Between CA Drought and Crime
A four-year study conducted by UC Berkeley School of Public Health researchers found a significant association between the California drought and property crime rates.
Could the Feds Bigfoot California Over Water?
So now, with California apparently sliding into a new drought, the question is percolating: could the feds bigfoot California over water, as is happening with immigration?
Joe Charbonet
Lawrence E. Peirano Endowed Chair

Joe Charbonnet, a campus doctoral candidate in environmental engineering and a researcher at the Berkeley Water Center talks about how water conservation in California drops after dry winter.

Sally Thompson
Clare & Hsieh Wen Shen Distinguished Professorship

Professor Sally Thompson has been appointed the inaugural holder of the Clare & Hsieh Wen Shen Distinguished Professorship in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Robert Kayen
CEE team builds 3-D model of campus to understand aging dam

Two civil engineering students Katherine Cheng and Tamika Bassman built a 3-D model of Berkeley’s campus to better understand what’s going on with one of California’s many aging dams. with CEE Visiting Professor Robert Kayen.