Affiliate Research Areas Technology and Infrastructure
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Ted Grantham

Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist and Adjunct Assistant Professor; Co-Director of the Cannabis Research Center at UC Berkeley
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management


Research Areas: freshwater ecology; surface water hydrology; water resources management


Sample projects: Eco-hydrology of intermittent streams; managing water for the environment; freshwater ecosystem vulnerability to climate change; environmental impacts of cannabis production
Ted Grantham

Ashok Gadgil

ENV Program, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Areas: Drinking Water Treatment; Technology Innovation; Technology Maturation for Impact


Sample projects: Arsenic remediation of groundwater used for drinking; Advanced technologies for Capacitive Deionization; Low cost effective remediation of excess fluoride from groundwater used for drinking

Ashok Gadgil

Lisa Alvarez-Cohen

Fred and Claire Sauer Professor of Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering


Research Areas: Environmental microbiology and ecology, biotransformation and fate of environmental and wastewater contaminants, and innovative molecular and isotopic techniques for studying microbial ecology of communities involved in wastewater treatment and bioremediation communities.


Sample Projects: Oxygenase-Catalyzed Biodegradation of Emerging Water Contaminants: 1,4-Dioxane and N-Nitrosodimethylamine; Quantifying Gene Expression to Predict and Optimize Reductive Dechlorination by Dehalococcoides spp.; Application of Microarrays to Identify Biomarkers of Reductive Dehalogenating-Microbial Communities; Using Molecular and Isotopic Tools to Characterize the Biodegradation of Chlorinated Ethenes and Ethanes; and Characterizing the fate and biotransformation of fluorochemicals in aqueous film forming forms (AFFF).

Lisa Alvarez-Cohen