The state, the drought and El Niño: It’s complicated
Professor B. Lynn Ingram, a geologist specializing in paleoclimatology, takes a long-term perspective to predict what the climate could have in store for us.
From Large-Scale to Home-Scale
Point-of-use device mimics ultraviolet light/hydrogen peroxide (UV/H2O2) treatment processes used in a centralized water treatment facilities and makes it work at the household level
National Academy of Engineers
BWC co-director David Sedlak has been elected to the National Academy of Engineers for contributions to environmental aqueous chemistry, especially in the areas of water reuse, water contaminants, and urban water infrastructure.
Michael Kiparsky
How do we move past the yuck factor in potable water reuse?

Associate Director of the Wheeler Institute for Water Law and Policy at Berkeley Law Michael Kiparsky talks about making potable water palatable for people.

The Water Emergency
How California Overcomes the Drought

A TEDxMarin video discussing a no-holds-barred look at California’s water issue and a provoking challenge to address the drought.

Gadgil, Sedlak, Horvath
Ashok Gadgil to Lead U.S.-China Energy and Water Consortium

UC Berkeley, in partnership with UC Irvine and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, was awarded a five-year, multi-million dollar international research consortium that tackles water-related aspects of energy production and use. Sedlak and Horvath will lead 2 of the 5 topic areas.