Affiliate Research Areas Policy and Economics
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Maximilian Auffhammer

George Pardee Jr. Professor of International Sustainable Development & Regional Associate Dean Letters & Science
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics


Research Areas:  Forecasting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, impacts of air pollution on agriculture, Microeconomic Theory, Economics of Climate Change, and econometrics


Sample Projects: Adverse Reproductive Outcomes in a Population Exposed to Perfluorinated Compounds in Drinking Water (with Martha Rogers, Gina Waterfield, Philippe Grandjean,  and David Sunding, 2018); Turning water into jobs: The impact of surface water deliveries on farm employment and fallowing in California’s San Joaquin Valley (with Dina Gorensteyn and David Sunding, 2018); Forecasting Urban Water Consumption in California: Rethinking Model Evaluation (with Steven Buck, Hilary Soldati, and David Sunding, 2018).

Maximilian Auffhammer