Asavari Devadiga
Ph.D. (Graduated)
City and Regional Planning
Areas of Research/Expertise: Water infrastructure planning & governance, environmental planning, hydrology, water/wastewater quality, stormwater, NPDES permits
Sample Projects: Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project, Richmond Advanced Recycled Water Project (with EBMUD), Urban water service delivery (India), Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in urban informal settlements (Kenya), Reforms in water governance in Latin America and Asia. 
Thomas Hendrickson

Former Postdoctoral Scholar

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Infrastructure Sustainability, Life-cycle Assessment

Sample Projects: Decentralized reuse optimization, Agricultural water use visualization, Food-water-energy relationships

Florence Bonvin

Post Doctoral Researcher

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Presence and fate of micropollutants (pharmaceuticals and pesticides) in fresh waters, photochemistry, product identification, hydrodynamic modelling, micropollutant removal from wastewater using powdered activated carbon, low molecular weight compounds in advanced wastewater treatment trains (potable reuse systems)

Sample Projects: Low molecular weight compounds in Direct Potable Reuse systems