Siva Rama Satyam Bandaru
PhD Student
Environmenal Engineering
Research Areas: Arsenic Remediation, Applications of electrochemistry in  water treatment
Sample Projects: Pilot Scale Field trials of  Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) in India
James Barazesh

PhD Student

Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Electrochemical Water Treatment

Sample Projects: Advanced Oxidation Processes enabled by cathodic hydrogen peroxide production and  Mechanism of Electrochemical Organic Contaminant Degradation in the presence of halide and carbonate ions.

Samantha Bear

 PhD Candidate

Environmental Engineering, Sedlak Lab

Research Areas: Areas of research/expertise: Water chemistry, trace organic contaminants, natural treatment systems

Sample Projects: Prado demonstration scale open-water wetlands for wastewater polishing, vegetated wetlands for wastewater polishing

Tom Bruton
PhD Candidate
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: My research involves environmental chemistry and groundwater remediation
Sample Projects: In situ chemical oxidation of organic groundwater contaminants: new insights for perfluoroalkyl acid and AFFF remediation and peroxide-activated persulfate.
Aidan Cecchetti
PhD Student
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Nutrient cycling in natural systems and environmental chemistry
Sample Projects: The Oro Loma Project/Subsurface flow wetlands.
Joe Charbonnet
PhD Student

CEE/Environmental Engineering/Water Quality

Research Areas: Stormwater Quality/Trance Organic Contaminants

Sample Projects: Reactive Geomedia for Passive Treatment of Organic Stormwater Contaminants

Karina A. Chavarria
PhD. Student
Environmental Engineering 
Research Areas: Drinking water and sanitation in developing countries, Microbial ecology of built environments
Sample Projects: Microbial Ecology of Drinking Water Distribution Systems Under Intermittent Water Supply
Katya Cherukumilli

PhD student

Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Drinking water provision in rural India, Development engineering, novel adsorbents

Sample Projects: An Ultra Low-Cost Approach to Remediate Groundwater Fluoride Contamination in India

Caroline Delaire
PhD student
Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Arsenic and microbe removal from groundwater; behavior change and adoption of safe water options in low-income communities.
Sample Projects: Access to safe water in the Bengal Basin
Erica Fuhrmeister
Graduate Student
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Water and sanitation in low and middle income countries, environmental microbiology, pathogen transmission
Sample Projects: R01 Sanitation Impact Study
Sasha Harris-Lovett

PhD student

Energy and Resources Group

Research Areas: Water recycling, decision-making about water infrastructure, science communication

Sample Projects: Beyond User Acceptance: A legitimacy framework for potable water reuse in California;  Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Sustainable Nutrient Management 

Christopher Hyun
PhD Student
Energy & Resources Group
Research Areas: Water Governance, South Asia, Urban Water Utilities, Street-Level Bureaucracy, and Ganga River Basin
Sample Projects: Why Street Level Bureaucrats “Comply”: Insights from an ICT Intervention in India’s Urban Water Sector (Development Impact Lab/USAID) and Sustainable Indian Water Infrastructure Project: A Systems Approach (Institute for South Asia Studies/Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative)
Olga Kavvada

PhD Student

Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate/Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Water/Wastewater infrastructure management, Decentralized water reuse assessment, Life-cycle assessment, Environmental and economic assessment, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Decision-making tools

Sample Projects: Feasibility assessment of the off-the-grid water/wastewater infrastructure

Emily Marron

Pre-Doctoral Candidate

Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Wastewater reuse; environmental microbiology; biological stability of drinking water; flow cytometry

Sample Projects: Microbiological analyses of full-scale and pilot-scale wastewater reuse systems, including the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center (SVAWPC) in San Jose, and the El Paso Water Utilities' Advanced Purification Water Treatment Plant (APWTP) pilot. Assessing advanced treatments (e.g. micro- and nano-filtration, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection and ozonation) in establishing biologically stable drinking water distribution systems. Evaluating the role of biological filtration in shaping opportunistic pathogen presence and the microbial ecology of drinking water systems.

Scott Evan Miller

PhD student

Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Water reuse, environmental chemistry, photochemistry
Sample Projects: Low molecular weight compounds in direct potable water reuse
William Tarpeh

PhD Student

Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Nutrient recovery from wastewater, sanitation in developing communities
Sample Projects: Novel approaches to nitrogen recovery from urine at the household to building scale
Anne Thebo
PhD candidate

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Researh Areas:  Water Quality, Spatial Analysis/GIS, Water Resources Management

Sample Projects:  Global assessment of the indirect reuse of wastewater in irrigated agriculture
and Prevalence of Diarrheagenic E. coli Pathotype Genes in Irrigation Water, Soil, and Produce on Farms in Dharwad, India
Lijie Zhou

Visiting Student

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox)

Sample Projects: anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox), membrane bioreactor, and nitrogen removal