Siva Rama Satyam Bandaru
PhD Student
Environmenal Engineering
Research Areas: Arsenic Remediation, Applications of electrochemistry in  water treatment
Sample Projects: Pilot Scale Field trials of  Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) in India
Aidan Cecchetti
PhD Student
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Nutrient cycling in natural systems and environmental chemistry
Sample Projects: The Oro Loma Project/Subsurface flow wetlands.
Joe Charbonnet
PhD Candidate

CEE/Environmental Engineering/Water Quality

Research Areas: Stormwater Quality/Trance Organic Contaminants

Sample Projects: Reactive Geomedia for Passive Treatment of Organic Stormwater Contaminants

Karina A. Chavarria
PhD. Student
Environmental Engineering 
Research Areas: Drinking water and sanitation in developing countries, Microbial ecology of built environments
Sample Projects: Microbial Ecology of Drinking Water Distribution Systems Under Intermittent Water Supply
Yoshika Crider
PhD Student
Energy and Resources Group
Research Areas: safe drinking water access, South Asia, WASH, epidemiology and trial design, low-cost drinking water treatment
Sample Projects: Taste detection and acceptability thresholds for chlorine residual in drinking water in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Erica Fuhrmeister
Graduate Student
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Water and sanitation in low and middle income countries, environmental microbiology, pathogen transmission
Sample Projects: R01 Sanitation Impact Study
Lukas Hackl
PhD student 
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Researh Areas: Investigation of Electrically Regenerated Ion Exchange (ERI) electrodes for brackish water desalination 
Dana Hernandez
PhD Student
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research areas: Iron-electrocoagulation, virus removal and inactivation
Sample projects: Arsenic remediation technology for societal impact
Christopher Hyun
PhD Student
Energy & Resources Group
Research Areas: Water Governance, South Asia, Urban Water Utilities, Street-Level Bureaucracy, and Ganga River Basin
Sample Projects: Why Street Level Bureaucrats “Comply”: Insights from an ICT Intervention in India’s Urban Water Sector (Development Impact Lab/USAID) and Sustainable Indian Water Infrastructure Project: A Systems Approach (Institute for South Asia Studies/Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative)
Seigi Karasaki

Energy and Resources Group

MS-PhD student

Research areas: drinking water access, environmental justice, collective action, machine learning

Sample projects: Predicting "hidden" vulnerabilities in California: system-level water quality violations

Olga Kavvada

PhD Student

Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate/Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Water/Wastewater infrastructure management, Decentralized water reuse assessment, Life-cycle assessment, Environmental and economic assessment, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Decision-making tools

Sample Projects: Feasibility assessment of the off-the-grid water/wastewater infrastructure

Lauren Kennedy

PhD Student 

Environmental Engineering 

Research Areas:  Wastewater reuse, microbial water quality, flow cytometry for drinking water systems, biofilms in distribution systems, and microbial communities in water treatment systems and impact of chlorination

Sample Projects: Surveying the Microbial Quality of US Drinking Water Systems Using Flow Cytometry and Microbiology in Direct Potable Reuse Systems 


Emily Marron

PhD student

Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Water reuse, environmental chemistry, photochemistry
Sample Projects: Low molecular weight compounds in direct potable water reuse
Scott Evan Miller

Pre-Doctoral Candidate

Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Wastewater reuse; environmental microbiology; biological stability of drinking water; flow cytometry

Sample Projects: Impact of wastewater advanced treatment processes on the microbiology of direct potable reuse systems

Angela Perantoni

PhD Student

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research areas: Trace organic contaminant transformation, environmental chemistry, and natural treatment systems/constructed wetlands

Sample projects: The Oro Loma Horizontal Levee/subsurface treatment wetland

Rachel Scholes

PhD Student

Environmental Engineering

Research areas: Treatment wetlands, water reuse, brine management, photochemistry

Sample projects: Treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate from potable water reuse

Anne Thebo
PhD candidate

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Researh Areas:  Water Quality, Spatial Analysis/GIS, Water Resources Management

Sample Projects:  Global assessment of the indirect reuse of wastewater in irrigated agriculture
and Prevalence of Diarrheagenic E. coli Pathotype Genes in Irrigation Water, Soil, and Produce on Farms in Dharwad, India