Kate Boden
Kate Boden
Staff Research & Development Engineer
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Arsenic in Water and Food, Project Management
Sample Projects: Commercializing a scalable low-cost arsenic remediation technology for societal impact and Solution Based Science to Address Arsenic in Rice.
Alasdair Cohen

Project Scientist and Environmental Health Researcher

Berkeley Water Center and the College of Natural Resources

Research Areas: Drinking water supply and treatment in rural areas; Water and development policy; Environmental Health; Indicator design and evaluation (and poverty metrics); China

Sample ProjectsRecreational water quality & environmental health in the Philippines,  Berkeley/China-CDC Program for Water & Health (multiple ongoing and planned projects), Evaluating Household Water Treatment in Rural ChinaThe Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool (MPAT) with the United Nation's IFAD



Adam French

Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow

Energy & Resources Group

Research Areas: Environmental Policy and Governance, Human Dimensions of Global Change, Natural Resource Conflict

Sample Projects: Critical Meta-Analysis of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in Practice; Watershed Governance on Peru’s Pacific Slope; Water Conflicts in the Andean Region

Marc Teixido Planes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Environmental Engineering. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Research Areas: Environmental chemistry; water quality; organic pollutant fate in underground and aquatic environments; transport and adsorption mechanisms; soil remediation.

Sample Projects: Stormwater Capture and Reuse: Methodologies, models, and materials for predictable removal of chemicals from stormwater during distributed recharge .

Carsten Prasse, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Occurrence, fate and effects of trace organic contaminants in the aquatic environment

Sample Projects: Superfund Research Program

Jessica Ray

Post Doctoral Researcher

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: stormwater treatment, perfluorinated compounds
Sample Projects: clay composites geomedia for passive stormwater treatment of trace metals and trace organics, selective adsorption of perfluorinated compounds
Jennifer Stokes-Draut

Research Engineer

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: Infrastructure systems, especially water and  wastewater; water-energy-greenhouse gas nexus; water conservation and efficiency; food, energy, and water connections; energy and environment assessment; life-cycle assessment

Sample Projects: Embedded energy and carbon in California's water systems, Environmental Abatement Cost Curves for Urban Water Systems, Decentralized and off-the-grid wastewater system analysis, Food-energy-water (FEW) interactions at the urban-agriculture interface, and Life-cycle environmental assessment tools for water and wastewater systems (Water-Energy Sustainability Tool (WEST), Wastewater-Energy Sustainability Tool (WWEST), and WESTWeb)