Can you help ensure the success of the 2018 California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge?

This is one of California’s most pressing issues, and we need your help!

Annually, up to 1 million Californians lack access to clean, safe drinking water at some point during the year. Droughts and other disruptions in water supply can limit or eliminate access to safe drinking water for days, months, or years. Some communities have been exposed to unsafe water for more than a decade.

The Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge is designed to explore data’s potential to help us better understand community access to safe drinking water, anticipate vulnerabilities, and identify and deploy solutions.

Learn More

You can view the challenge questions on the website now, or visit Details about submitting solutions will be posted on the website, and teams will have the summer to work on the projects, with input from the community. We anticipate a Challenge Summit at the end of summer where teams will present their projects.

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Please share news about the Challenge and the Call for Commitments! Guest blogposts, social media sharing, inclusion in community event calendars and newsletters are all encouraged. Please share the eventbrite and the social media card with your network! Retweet the announcement here.

Make a Public Commitment

Make a public, measurable commitment to support this effort. Examples include hosting a community event and dedicating resources or in-kind support to the Challenge. Select commitments will be highlighted as part of our Launch Event.

Join the Challenge

Bring your skills and perspective to help develop tools and solutions. Register to attend the Launch Event on June 26th, 2018 at the Google Community Space in San Francisco.