UC Berkeley welcomed area health, water and sanitation researchers, professional to campus April 5, 2017 for a full day of presentations at the Bay Area Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Symposium.

The annual event brings together faculty and student researchers working on water, health, and sanitation from UC Berkeley, Stanford, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and other Bay Area institutions.

This year’s event was student organized and created opportunities for students to share information about current and future projects, identify opportunities for new collaborations, and foster dialogue and networking within and across the institutions.

This year’s featured panel included Job opportunities in the WASH sector, presented by Angela Harris, Instructor, CEE, Stanford University, Ashley Muspratt, Founder & CEO, Pivot, Sebastien Tilmans, Researcher, Codiga Resource Recovery Center at Stanford, and Gordon Williams, Associate Civil Engineer, EBMUD.

Presenters from UC Berkeley included: Anoop Jain, Public Heath student, on Shared sanitation in rural India; Ashok Gadgil, Civil and Environmental Engineering professor, on Affordable, effective remediation of arsenic from drinking water: An update from the field (West Bengal, India); Dana Hernandez, Civil and Environmental Engineering student, on Virus attenuation using Fe-EC; Tomas Leon, Environmental Health Sciences student, on Development impacts on water-related transmission of Opisthochris viverrini in northeast Thailand; Yoshika Crider, Energy and Resource Group student, on Institution-based interventions for low-cost drinking treatment; Sivarama Bandaru, Civil and Environmental Engineering student, on A novel approach to remove emerging contaminants of concern in the municipal wastewater effluent; Ileana Wald, Civil and Environmental Engineering student, on Evaluating ion exchange for nitrogen recovery from source-separated urine in Nairobi, Kenya; Rachel Sklar, Public Health/Environmental Health, on Willingness to pay for pit latrine emptying services in Kigali Rwanda; Yah Mehta and Katya Cherukumilli, Civil and Environmental Engineering students, on Designing a scalable and affordable fluoride removal (SAFR) process for groundwater remediation; Heather Buckley, Civil and Environmental Engineering postdoc, on Green chemistry and WASH: Leapfrogging to safer technology by asking the right questions; Christine Simiyu, visiting scholar, on Take-up, use and impact of sanitary products provision on education and health outcomes in rural Kenya; David Levine, Haas School of Business professor, on Update on hygiene heroes: A school-based health curriculum; Chinmayee Subban, LBNL postdoc, on Low-cost electrodes for affordable brackish water desalination; Adam Rausch, Civil and Environmental Engineering student, on Evaluating mechanisms with multi-source data: Rural Maharashtra water schemes; and Patrick Krause, graduate student instructor, on Infant mortality and infant formula: An empirical investigation of the Nestle controversy;

This year’s sponsors include the Institute for South Asia Studies and Urban WASH.