Berkeley Water Center (BWC) leadership welcomed representatives from the Water Committee of the Inter-American Network of Academies of Science (IANAS) Thursday, July 21, 2016 to talk shop about BWC projects, operation, organization and future collaborations as part of a water group tour within the University of California system and the Bay Area.

BWC Co-Director David Sedlak and Professor Kara Nelson met with Henry Vaux, Jr., UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus and Associate Vice President Emeritus and current U.S. Representative on the IANAS Water Committee; Peru representative Professor Nicole Bernex, a Professor of Geography at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru; and Nicaragua representative Professor Katherine Vammen, Dean of Sciences and Professor of Water Resources at the University of Central America (Nicaragua).

Dr. Bernex has been charged with establishing a Scientific Water Institute (ICA) in the Inca Region of Peru — an arid region with many similarities to California.  She is being assisted by Dr. Vammen. While the Peruvian government and the IANAS are behind the Institute, Dr. Bernex is looking at established organizations to see what has worked and what has not to help adapt and create a more effective program in Peru.

In addition to the organization and operation, BWC researchers talked about programs and projects, like water recycling, drinking water treatment and groundwater recharge that may be relevant in Peru and resources that might be relevant to those efforts. Future opportunities for collaboration and research also were discussed.

BWC leadership were invited to take part in a workshop in August to help as the IANAS defines the Institute, operations and research goals. Dr. Bernex is hoping to break ground on the Institute soon and is ready to start physically and academically building the Institute.