Sedlak Attends BlueTech Forum

Berkeley Water Center Co-Director David Sedlak, author of Water 4.0: The Past, Present and Future of the World’s Most Vital Resource, spoke at the BlueTech Forum 2019 in Kew Gardens, London, UK on June 5-6, 2019.

How Development of America’s Water Infrastructure Has Lurched Through History

Berkeley Water Center Co-Director David Sedlak writes about How Development of America’s Water Infrastructure Has Lurched Through History for the Pew Center at Trend Magazine.

The Next Revolution of Water

On the precipice of a global water crisis that is guiding the next water revolution, Civil and Environmental Engineering professor and Berkeley Water Center DIrector  David Sedlak provides an overview of how we got to where we are today and a glimpse into the future of water in a new podcast with Brave Blue World.

It’s Elementary: Grad Students Head to Local Schools in the Name of Science

For many students deep in their doctoral research, distilling their research down can be a challenge, but for a group of Berkeley Water students, the challenge was accepted and they’re having a blast doing it with Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS).

Kara Nelson on Aspirational Technologies and the Sustainable Development Goals

In 1990, at the age of 20, Kara Nelson found herself in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe, just months before the new independence government lifted a 10-year-old ban on land redistribution. The UC Berkeley biophysics student was taking a gap year to see what life was like as a non-student, and the realities of what she chose to see hit her hard.

Federal effort to raise Shasta Dam by 18.5 feet is getting some serious pushback

Ted Grantham, Berkeley professor of environmental science, policy and management, and Matt Kondolf, director of UC Berkeley’s River-Lab, talk about upcoming water storage battles and the current effort to raise Shasta Dam.