World Toilet Day Nov. 19
World Toilet Day is Nov.19 and this year's theme is Wastewater, a key research initiative at the Berkeley Water Center. See our research and projects centered around wastewater, sanitation and toilets.
Gadgil Recognized with Social Justice Award
Ashok Gadgil, BWC Faculty and Senior Faculty Scientist at Berkeley Lab, has been recognized as a Social Design Circle honoree for 2017 by the Curry Stone Design Prize. The prize awards innovative projects that use design to address pressing social justice issues.
Cal Future Forum: Our Changing World
Responding to the global impacts of human activity, UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Lab have long been leaders in the research needed to understand and respond effectively to humanity's global environmental impact. See BWC leaders share their thoughts.
David Sedlak and Kara Nelson
BWC Leaders Affecting Water Sanitation

BWC Co-Director David Sedlak and Professor Kara Nelson are both affecting the future of direct potable reuse and just served on an expert panel to advise on developing uniform recycling criteria for indirect potable reuse via surface water augmentation and on the feasibility of developing such criteria for direct potable reuse.

Isha Ray and CS Sharada Prasad
Toilet Cleaners of Lucknow

BWC Co-Director Isha Ray and PhD student CS Sharada Prasad  focus on the back-end of the sanitation chain, on those who clean out latrines where there is no flush or sewer to carry away the waste in a pictoral essay.

Jack Colford
India’s sanitation campaign on defecation behaviors and child health

Poor sanitation is thought to be a major cause of enteric infections among young children. However, there are no previously published randomized trials to measure the health impacts of large-scale sanitation programs.